Adp Data Processing Agreement

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wrzesień 8, 2021
Agreement Between Two Parties For Business
wrzesień 9, 2021

We collect and use only the minimum personal data necessary to achieve the business purpose for which it was collected. If ADP processes your data, access is granted based on specific roles and job functions. This website complements our other data protection on the DDP website, which you can find under 4. Data relating to physical or mental health. ADP may process physical or psychological health data as needed, in order to meet a person`s disability or nutritional needs, to meet emergency health needs or in similar circumstances. The Global Chief Privacy Officer prepares an annual report from the ADP Executive Committee on compliance with the ADP Privacy Code on Business Data, Data Protection, Data Protection Risks and other relevant issues. ADP shall immediately inform the customer of a data protection breach after learning that such a breach has taken place, unless a law enforcement officer or supervisory authority finds that the notification would impede a criminal investigation or harm national security or damage the confidence of the industry concerned. ADP has implemented a Global Records Information Management (RIM) directive that covers the proper retention, maintenance and erasure and/or destruction of individuals` personal data, customer information and corporate documents.

one. hosting, storage and other treatment necessary for the continuation of business and disaster recovery; Please note that we may also use and disclose information about you that is not personally identifiable.

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