Army Functional Support Agreement

Annaly Management Agreement
wrzesień 11, 2021
Australia China Trade Agreement 2019
wrzesień 12, 2021

(Provisional definition) National logistical support. A nation assumes full responsibility for the supply and logistical support of its armed forces. Such assistance may be provided exclusively on a national basis and/or, where appropriate, through bilateral or multilateral agreements with other nations, NATO or other organisations. (AAP-6) War reserves. Stocks of equipment accumulated in peacetime to meet the increase in military requirements due to the outbreak of war. War reserves must provide the temporary assistance necessary to maintain the operation until supplies can take place. (AAP-6) Integrated multinational logistics support. Two or more nations agree to make available to a multinational logistics force, under the operational control of a NATO commander, logistical assets to logistically support a multinational force. .

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