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There are also states up to an indeterminate period. This means that not everyone is allowed to reveal forever what is called things. Therefore, the parties to the agreement should carefully read the content of the agreement. If this is cancelled, the company is not obliged to sign an NDA, as there is no personal data of Adi that is confidential or likely to harm Adi when it is released. For example, there are X companies in the F-B sector and Y companies in the Agency sector, both companies are looking for cooperation. For those who have been involved in the business world for a long time, the term confidentiality agreement or NOA is often meant. Businesses and employees need to understand the NDA as an important form of the agreement. Because without a good understanding, an abandoned NOA can bring it to the green table. B. Redevelopment of the product resulting from the use of another person`s trade secret, which is exclusively beneficial to the development of the product in question. But even if it is proven that it cannot be involved in the law, the other parties will not again trust the ethics and standards of the parties involved in this issue, because they have such a bad reputation. As far as the economy is concerned, it is therefore very damaging to violate the NDA agreement. Narrated by Rocket Lawyer, the main functions of NOA are: Literally, the confidentiality agreement can be interpreted as an agreement, not to disclose or show.

In the business world, not disclosing confidential information can be interpreted as an agreement of any party concerned. The relevant confidential information is described in writing as part of the agreement. The provisions relating to confidentiality agreements in Indonesia are set by Trade Secrets Act 30 2000 (Trade Secrecy Act).

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