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Importers can apply to the Ministry of the Interior. The Australian government claims that chAFTA confers a competitive advantage on Australian companies, given that relatively few other countries currently have free trade agreements with China.9 Prior to chAFTA, according to a blog post by international law firm Ashurst, Australian exporters of agricultural products were at a competitive disadvantage compared to countries that had already concluded a free trade agreement with China. such as New Zealand, Chile and ASEAN countries. „ChAFTA removes these tariffs in general, giving Australia a significant advantage over other major trading partners with China, such as the US, EU and Canada.” The deal also has repercussions for some U.S. companies that do not have a free trade agreement with China. U.S. trade in goods and services with China reached about $648 billion in 2016 and U.S. companies compete with Australian companies in several export categories. == Exports of agricultural products, for example, amounted to $21 billion in 2016 and cover several categories in which Australian companies are also active exporters, such as animal skins, wine and dairy products6.

6 The United States exports coal to China and attracts billions of dollars in educational spending from Chinese students, two sectors where Australia also derives considerable revenue from China.7 8 ChAFTA is phasing out tariffs on most goods and services traded between the two countries. According to the Australian government, Chinese tariffs were first reduced or eliminated on about 85% of Australian exports; This will increase to 93% by January 2019 and 98% in 20294 for goods and services, which go the other way, ChAFTA has reduced tariffs on 82 percent of Australian imports from China to zero on the first day and moved to 100 percent tariff reduction on January 1, 2019.5 The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a bilateral agreement Free Trade (FTA) between the Australian and Chinese governments. . . .

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