Blizzard User Agreement

Bc Hydro Protocol Agreement
wrzesień 12, 2021
Bubble Agreement India Germany
wrzesień 13, 2021

You are responsible for all uses of your Blizzard Credit. If you believe that the account has been compromised, you should immediately contact Blizzard`s after-sales service, Blizzard Credit is only protected from the moment Blizzard sends you a message that Blizzard has received your notification that the account may have been compromised. You are solely responsible for verifying that the correct amount of Blizzard Credit has been added to or deducted from your account. You can view your Blizzard credit on your account management page. Please note that we may need additional information and/or documentation to verify your claims. From that date, Blizzard will take steps to freeze your Blizzard Credit and will cancel your Blizzard Credit as soon as Blizzard returns control of your Blizzard Credit. Limited Warranty…

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