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Kwiecień 8, 2021
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Kwiecień 8, 2021

I know the blood sugar of government members is falling on their boots, but these cakes are waiting outside. I invite all Members who are struggling to concentrate, to go out and to have their cake. We will accompany them in about 10 minutes. Listen to the members of the government behind Woodside when it suits them. They all walk behind Woodside when it suits them. But Woodside was not a supporter of James Price Point; It was this government. Government ministers have made a series of appalling decisions that have not trusted the Western Australian community in the environmental assessment system. What does this mean for Western Australia? Is this a serious problem? It is not necessarily a serious problem for a national government if it does not have plans to develop our economy and the economy is not very dependent on resource development. Is this the case for Western Australia? This is obviously not the case. In Western Australia, we will only grow our economy to the extent that we can restore that confidence in the environmental assessment system. If Members think I am doing this, let me say a few things to remind Members of the people of some of the events of recent years that have shaken that trust. I`ll take the whole edition of James Price Point first, because I still have 10 minutes before we stop.

Maybe I can get through this and do it again if we start again next week. With the James Price Point project, a member of the Environmental Protection Agency panel was excluded from the beginning because she was leading the Browse project while working for the public sector. It was quite right that she did it. The question of whether that person should have been appointed to the Environmental Protection Agency at that time is quite different. This is a topic for another debate, which is why I am not going to divert attention from this issue at this time. Suffice it to say that it is worth going back to the law and reading the sections that define the qualifications of the epa members.

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