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Indeterminate contracts are often very useful and can sometimes be really necessary depending on the needs of the parties. All legal applications or disputes relating to an indeterminate contract are best handled by an experienced contract lawyer. If you need help developing, verifying or filing an indeterminate contract, a qualified lawyer near you can provide legal assistance and immediate representation. Before the introduction of the new directive, if you meet the above legal criteria, you can apply to the „transmission of the FTC to an indeterminate status.” However, the link to the required document ( is now dead. Unlike a fixed-term contract, an indeterminate contract does not have an explicit deadline. But that doesn`t mean you have a job for life. However, if you are terminated without cause before the expiry of your fixed validity period, you are entitled to the wages you would have received until the end of your contract, provided that your contract does not include a clause providing for notice or fixed payment instead. If your contract runs from May 1 to September 1 and you receive $1,000 per month, you will be entitled to $2,000 if your employer terminates the contract at the end of June; these are your salaries for the months of July and August. In the end, it can be much more money than you would receive in damages for breach of an indeterminate contract, depending on the length of the employment and the date of termination. They may also be entitled to losses, bonuses, etc.

That`s a good question. If you ask, it means that you probably realized that indeterminate does not mean permanent. They are always threatened with redundancies when external funding ends. So what`s this all about? The reality is that, for whatever reason, most employment relationships end at some point, and this contract you have signed can be very important evidence in case you are terminated for no reason. In addition, the circumstances that led to your employment can also be important in the event of a dispute. This is especially true when you have not signed a written employment contract and you only have an oral agreement, which is never wise. If you have been fired for no reason, you must be particularly careful that your job is permanent or temporary. Indeterminate contracts are generally used when the duration of the contract cannot be easily estimated, but each party is willing to work together over a long period of time. Some examples of the use of the indeterminate contract may be as follows: the termination of a contract should be considered by the parties at the time of writing. In order to avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings, the rapporteur should ensure that the parties` intention as to the duration and termination of the contract is clearly and unambiguously drawn from the text of the contract.

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