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Kwiecień 11, 2021
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Kwiecień 11, 2021

Before you pay the rent. Please read all the terms and conditions. There are a few clauses where they can easily cheat and charge customers extra fees. Your first transaction on the 1 Re or 2 Re site will go seamlessly to try to tell you that the transmission is instantaneous. In fact, that`s what it shows on the rental-pay side. But after that, they suspend your payments with one or the other excuse. For example, your rent might reflect on the agreement as 15k, but you could pay with maintenance and other fees maybe 18k. Then the payment will be suspended for a good week or more, then you will refund less than 2-3% as a penalty. @Sid: Could you help me with details on how to get my money back, 3% was deducted because there was a discrepancy between the owner`s name and the bank account, even though I had a valid lease. Nobroker also deducts 3% after the lease is filed. According to them, my rent corresponds, the 15000 – 1500 (maintenance) is not equal to 16500 and therefore the transaction is invalid. They`re crooks, so it`s best not to pay nobroker.

You can complain about nobroker rentpay and you can find many such cases. Will Payzapp`s payout with Diners Black on NoBroker receive reward points? As far as I know, wallet transactions don`t receive bonus points for HDFC credit cards!! One of the reasons Nobroker has become popular recently is because of its offer with Payzapp, which gives 5% cashback to rs.500 if you pay for the rental on Nobroker with Payzapp at check-out. @Sid: What happens if we argue over repayment with credit card companies? This relates to the 3% deduction of money for lease issues with Nor Broker. Instead of the usual 3%, Nobroker deducted 5% and refunded my money saying my lease was not valid. You said that since it happened to the second, so the penalty is 5% instead of 3%. The 3% fine mentioned in the form and condition is only rejected for the first time. I bought a premium refund plan to find a tenant for my apartment in Bangalore. After a few months of poor service and not finding a tenant (I was super flexible on all rental conditions, including rent amount and deposit), the RM no longer responds. Several requests for the return of my money, in accordance with the terms of the plan, will not be considered.

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