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The company`s current electronic form, which employees must complete, will be closed on December 1, 2019. 2019: at least 2% in 2020 + 2021: at least 2% or CPI (up to 2.5%), whichever is higher The new agreement will enter into force on 7 October 2019 or 7 days after the approval of the Fair Work Commission, depending on what the latter agreement is and your terms will remain the same until then. The new agreement also provides for the first time five days of family leave and domestic violence for all employees. The new agreement abolishes a controversial roll-up system, which meant that workers had to „bench” the hours they had not worked in quiet periods. This meant they could be called at peak times to work the hours they had bought. A part-time team member may agree in writing to Bunnings to work overtime at the normal hourly rate (with applicable penalties) (clause 3.8). This consent may be revoked in writing at any time. If a team member agrees to work overtime, they can choose whether the overtime should be paid or taken as leisure (TUL) (clause 3.10). A decision on how to pay for overtime (either payment or work) must be taken by a team member before one year of the EBA and the decision applies to the entire year of the EBA. Therefore, it is important that you choose the option you want because you are stuck for 12 months.

You can change your decision for each EBA year before the EBA year. The new agreement also provides for a change to Bunnings` rostering system, which replaces the „hourly banking” system previously used with a more standard system of rosters and working hours more closely focused on price. The company opposed it and placed a position of 2%, or if the CPI is higher, then an increase of up to 2.5%. As a result, the parties have not reached agreement on this issue. The agreement was passed on Monday night by 59.7 percent of Bunnings workers (21,439), with 76.7 percent (16,443) voting „yes.” Josh Cullinan, secretary of RAFFWU, said his union feared workers would be forced to start work from 5 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. under the new deal. „Bunnings workers have strongly supported this agreement that improves penalties, sets wage increases, strengthens minimum wage rates and reformed employee rosters,” said Gerard Dwyer, SDA National Secretary. Company agreements are collective agreements concluded at company level between employers and employees on working and employment conditions.

The Fair Work Commission can provide information on the process of establishing company agreements and evaluate and approve agreements. We can also look at disputes that arise over the terms of the agreements. Workers who only worked on a Sunday were likely to be worse off under the agreement, but coordination of the distribution of hours worked and penalties paid would resolve possible discrepancies. The agreement that the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association (SDA) called a „package of positive outcomes for Bunnings employees” is now before the Fair Work Commission for approval. If you have searched and cannot find an agreement, Bunnings employees will have another option to complete the electronic form if the FWC approves the EBA 2019 and before the start of the EBA year. Note that the options entered during this period (November 4 to December 1) are not final. Fair Work Commission publishes company agreements on this website. The new agreement must be approved by the Fair Work Commission. Company agreements are based on the minimum conditions of modern prices and/or vary. . .


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