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These costs may be borne by the use of standard rates or by the payment of 100% of the actual management fees (in accordance with Articles 14 and 29 of Commission Regulation [EU] No 702/2014). Covers one-off work or investments for which services are due over a period of more than one year. advice on territory-specific requirements for natural heritage management (in accordance with Articles 22 and 39 of Commission Regulation (EU) No 702/2014). The full advisory fee (up to €1,500 per board, paid directly to the advisor) is supported if there is no economic benefit to the property manager. Natural England will advise you on the work and will try to agree with you to protect and improve the condition of the site. You can achieve most of the management goals for SSSIs with a stewardess campaign grant for which you may be eligible. We may be able to offer you a management contract for your SSSI. This means that you will receive payment if you agree to manage the country in a certain way. These have a duration of at least five years.

The Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) is the main source of funding for rural Scotland. We encourage country managers to benefit from SRDP support if we believe that management is needed to improve the specificities of the country. We can register a longer-term or higher MA against the country title to ensure the continuation of the administration even in the event of a change in occupancy. If a management system has been put in place, Natural England may ask you to apply for a grant for countryside Stewardship. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 made some important changes to SSSI legislation in England and Wales. To see our analysis, click here. .

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