Terms And Conditions Of The Memorandum Of Agreement In Work Immersion

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Give students an orientation on the company, its industry and the work of its employees, and do it to the different interest groups in the community in which the company works, so that students have a comprehensive understanding of their business. 8. Also make sure that students follow training related to their course and make available to students varied work or activities applicable to their subject. 9. Make available to students their place of work and facilities and shall likewise take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of pupils in their area of intervention at all times, including, where appropriate, the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE). Ensure that students are not exposed to hazardous materials and the work environment for the duration of the immersion. 10. Evaluate student performance at the immersion site by running the 11 assessment tool provided. Give students a graduation certificate if all program requirements are satisfactorily met. 12. Make a donation certificate to DepEd for the Work Immersion Partnership concluded.

13. Submit to the Adopt-A-School Program Secretariat all relevant documents to support the amount indicated/claimed for the company`s exemption application. III. VALIDITY This Agreement shall apply for the duration of the academic academic year and may be renewed each year.

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