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If, due to the complexity of credit charges, you do not have a low income, you should consider getting the advice and assistance of a professional tax professional, even if it means you have to pay. HMRC says that since the credit charges were announced, more than 5,000 people have agreed to pay the tax they owe and another 20,000 people have contacted them to register an interest in billing. If you are worried about your current business, you can contact our team for further advice on 0800 464 0631. Depending on this discussion, they will either withdraw the tax return notification or they will ask you to complete the tax return. If HMRC asks you to complete the return, you must do so, even if you do not agree to have received loans in the past. The CIOT believes that credit charges as a whole can be considered a reasonable response to tax evasion, regardless of the exceptionally long retrospective, where they fall on employers and those who knew what they were doing. But for some of those who are caught up in it, the effect may indeed be difficult to justify. This is why the CIOT has described credit charges as a blunt instrument. Agencies with applicants who may have participated in credit programmes in the past will be ordered to encourage their applicants to contact HMRC as soon as possible.

The sooner a candidate notifies of their intention to reach an agreement, the more flexible HMRC is likely to be. Following this path, remember that the amount paid into your bank account is already net (after deduction) of all the costs of the system – for example, any fees of the umbrella company. HMRC only expects you to take into account the net amount – in the example of £75 or £80. The most recent report largely focused on the impact of the credit charge on contractors who, in principle, considered themselves self-employed and not on employees. Their position will be discussed later. ⚠️ If you cannot afford to pay for advice and are not entitled to assistance from tax charities, you should contact HMRC directly as soon as possible and certainly before September 30, 2020. You shouldn`t ignore notice to file an HMRC tax return, even if you don`t think you`ve had credits in the past. HMRC Issue Briefing: Disguised payment charges for credits Once you have discovered if you have been paid through credit agreements, you must check, to calculate the amount of your credit income, any payment documents, pay slips or other documents you have received in the course of performing this work. THE CIOT also believes and has told the government that there are some signs that HMRC can use to judge who knowingly entered these systems and who might instead look like victims of fake sales. For example, directors who have shares in a company that pay themselves in credits usually knew what they were doing. Those for whom the system was set up before the person`s employment began and who were not owners/managers may have excuses for not knowing.

People hired through certain agencies or umbrella companies, especially those with lower incomes – could be a sign for people who have been misled. . . .

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