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2.Travellers from which countries can they apply for the 72-hour transit visa exemption? How are countries selected? 8. Foreigners holding an APEC business card may enter China without a visa. Travel instructions: A tour of Beijing-Layover without a 6-day visa is available. You can spend a good holiday with the Great Wall Hiking, visit the Forbidden City and other sites, participate in activities, sample the local food of Beijing, discover the culture and history of this rich economic area in northeastern China. China Discovery will continue to focus on China`s visa and entry policy for you and update it! Tips: Visit Macau SAR Visa to get a visa guide (entry permit) and a guide for your trip to Macau. Regardless of the type of passport, citizens of the following 51 countries, which are located in Beijing via Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai via Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou via Baiyun International Airport, Chengdu via Shuangliu International Airport, Chongqing via Jiangbei International Airport, Xi`an via Xianyang International Airport, Dalian via Zhoushuizi International Airport, Shenyang via Taoxian International Airport in 72 hours are exempt from visa to China: three top destinations in GBA with amazing cultural experience. The only way to get a TTP is to arrange a visit by a travel agency based in Tibet, including at least hotels and transport. Visitors can also not cross Tibet by public bus and can only travel with the private transport organised in the circuit. In addition, upon entering Nepal, you must also participate in a group trip and be admitted only on a group visa.

The TTP must be given to the guide upon arrival at the airport or station and the guide retains the authorization until the traveller leaves the TAR. [135] The processing time for tTP is at least 15 days. [136] The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), in southeastern China, has a different visa policy than mainland China. To date, the Hong Kong SAR Visa/Entry Authorization for regular passport holders from approximately 170 countries/territories is exempt from the tax. The exact length of stay ranges from 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days to 180 days. To learn more about Hong Kong Visa >> Note: In addition to the visa-free group trip mentioned above, Guangdong also offers a 144-hour transit visa for transit travellers. A non-Chinese or Taiwanese national whose length of stay in China exceeds the length of his visa, residence permit or residence permit without applying for renewal, or outside the territory of the authorized residence, is supposed to be an irregular stay and is subject to fines and other sanctions for violating the provisions of the People`s Republic of China relating to the management of the entry and exit of foreigners. [2] When a non-Chinese national must remain in China longer than the length of stay allowed on the visa, he must submit an extension to the EEA of the municipality before the expiry of his stay. Permission to extend the stay cannot be granted, in which case the traveller must leave China immediately. Chinese diplomatic representations are not allowed to renew a visa. [129] An agreement signed by the Argentine and Chinese governments, which came into force on 22 June 2015, purported to „facilitate the application procedures” for Argentine citizens applying for a Chinese visa, in reality the procedures, processing times and validity for Argentina not in force, since the agreement actually only facilitated the length of visa application procedures for Chinese nationals.

[97] The 5-year authorization, which also serves as a de facto identity card in mainland China, can be used by travel agencies in Taiwan and CTS in Hong Kong or Macau.

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