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God`s covenants with Noah (Genesis 9:8-17), Abraham (15,18. And David (2 Samuel 7; 23:5) closed fits into this pattern. In each of these cases, it is God alone who commits himself by a solemn oath to maintain the covenant. To distinguish him from God`s eternally greater union with humanity, Bahá`ís refer to the agreement of a manifestation with His disciples to which they should address and obey as a smaller covenant immediately after His death. [26] Two peculiarities of the small Bahá`í Federation, which is referred to in the Bahá`í Faith as the Bahá`u`lláh Alliance, are that it is explicit and is also conveyed in certified written documents. [28] Bahá`ás consider Bahá`u`llh`s covenant to be unique in the history of religion and the most powerful means of ensuring the mental health of believers and their lasting unity and full protection from all efforts to stir up disagreements or create chism.

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